Giveaway Appeal4 nail care

Just a short message to let you know I have a lovely giveaway up on my Instagram in collaboration with Appeal4. They made a selection of their finest nail care products for you!

In the package you find the Cuticle Repair, which I am using almost everyday. Very good for the cuticles, especially in the winter! (sorry for the small pic!)
Also there is a cute pink bag where you can store your nailcare items; a lovely oil that I have to show you!

Doesn’t that look amazing? There’s also a nude nailbooster, which is the extra kick of care that your nails need.
A nailfile which I also use a lot and the pink cuticle remover!

Would you like a chance of these lovelies? Then head to my Instagram and read the caption on how to enter 🙂

PS: there’s also a giveaway coming in collaboration with Hypnotic Polish!!! And… Caption!!!
So stay tuned 😀

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